Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Miracle Cat

I know, some of you just don’t like cats, but our cat Socks is not your typical “I ignore people” kind of cat. He thinks he’s a dog. He greets you at the door and proceeds to follow you around the house until he has the opportunity to jump on your lap and say hello. He loves to sit on the top of the couch above you, so he can place his paw on a shoulder or a head, in a kind of- you belong to me pat!  He is simply amazing.

This past New Year’s Eve however traumatized our family. Socks escaped from the house (he is an inside cat- no claws) onto our rural property. When we realized he was missing we searched everywhere going through rows of trees and across fields calling, “Socks, where are you Buddy?” but he had simply vanished. New Year’s Day we again crisscrossed our woods and fields in a snow storm calling for our beloved Socks. We went to our neighbor’s houses telling them about Socks and asking that they keep an eye out for him…nothing.

If you have ever lost something special, something treasured, you understand the empty feeling inside. Daily we would travel up our driveway looking for a glimpse of that beautiful black kitty with the white socks! Nothing. Six weeks went by, new snow, new ice, no Socks.


We move on in our lives and begin to settle into a new routine, a routine that no longer includes Socks. Friday evening our family sits in the living room watching a movie together. (That is a miracle in itself as our children are in high school and are usually out.) There is a knock on the front door. Very unusual. Our house is located up on a hill removed from the road so we don’t often receive surprise visitors, but we open the door and our neighbor down the road stands at the entrance asking, “Didn’t you all loose a black and white cat about a month or so ago? We found him in our garage and he’s out in our truck!”

I am not kidding. It's Socks. Poor undernourished, dehydrated baby, but it's Socks, alive and grateful to be home.

Several weeks have gone by and Socks is doing well.  He is again greeting everyone at the door and making sure to love on every guest that enters the house. He is our miracle cat!